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Don’t know what I would have done without this when we got our puppy. It was a godsend. A year later, he doesn’t use the heartbeat but hits still a favorite toy of his!


This toy is amazing! I bought one for my girl when she was a puppy, she still loves it two years later! She grabs it to fall asleep with most nights and she sucks on it, it’s so darn cute. It’s perfect for anxiety!


Have a 9 wk old puppy who would wake up every 3 hrs all night long. Got this and first night she slept all night long, I was shocked. We are now on a full week and she sleeps all night with her own heartbeat puppy. I can not recommend this enough for your pup and for you both to get a good night sleep again. Highly recommended!!! 


Mine chews every other toy but this one - she’s had it since we got her. This is her cuddle buba


This really is the best toy I bought!! Worth every penny. One year later it’s still in one piece and she carries it with her ! First toy she grabs in the morning

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