About Us

DogTimez understands the passionate bond you share with your pet. Like you, we love our pets more than we love most people. (Who else would wag when we belt out the theme song from “The Office”?).

We love our community of pet parents who share the quirky, joyful, goofy stories about their pets.

Because we love our pets so much, we deeply felt the separation anxiety our German Shepherd, Zeus, and our lovable mutt, Cooper, began to develop anytime we'd leave the house. It broke our hearts every time we left Zeus and Cooper alone, as we knew the stress and anxiety they were feeling. That's why we made it our mission to find the best products on the market for reducing the stress and anxiety that Zeus and Cooper felt and we want to share these products with everyone. 

Our products focus on reducing the stress and anxiety for your best friend but also ensure your pup is happy and healthy! We aren’t satisfied until you and your best friend are thrilled!

After time, training, and amazing products, Zeus and Cooper are as happy as ever and we hope your best friends will be too!

DogTimez Mission

It is our mission to provide your best friend with the highest quality stress and anxiety reducing dog products so you never feel guilty about leaving them home alone ever again!

DogTimez is devoted to giving back to organizations that protect pets from all walks of life. Every pet deserves a safe and caring home. This is why DogTimez has pledged to donate 10% of all proceeds to the Best Friends Animal Society.