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Revolutionary Dog "Toy"

Whether they’re new to the family, or perhaps just going through a tough time, the Snuggle Puppy has been designed to provide comfort to help relieve anxiety in your four-legged best friend. Whatever the case, whether crate training, fireworks, or perhaps crying during a thunderstorm, rest assured that the Snuggle Puppy will be the best purchase you've ever made.

Helps with:

  • Nervousness when moving to a new home  
  • Whining and barking when crate training
  • Distress from fireworks and thunderstorms 
  • Separation anxiety when your pet needs to be left alone 
  • Any time your pet needs a little help relaxing

Includes Snuggle Puppy plush, Real-Feel Heartbeat® (batteries included), and one disposable heat pack.


Snuggle Puppy Benefits

Peaceful Sleep

Makes crate training a breeze and helps dogs & owners sleep throughout the night

Improved Behavior

A calm dog is a happy and well behaved dog! The comfort pup helps reduce negative behaviors linked to anxiety, such as whining and barking

Reduced Seperation Anxiety

The comfort pup gives your best friend a best friend when you're not home. You will feel less guilty leaving home and your pup will feel more comfortable being left alone.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Dog Parents

“My pup was separated from her mother way too early and has crazy separation anxiety. I opened this as soon as I got it and she instantaneously passed out on top of it. Already know it was a good purchase”

Nancy M

“GET THIS!!! I was hesitant to buy due to the price but it is worth every penny. Our rescue puppy had severe separation anxiety and would cry in his crate every night, throughout the night - this completely stopped after we paired him with his Snuggle Buddy.”

Karen C

“Ok WOW! The reviews ARE true! This puppy works! My puppy is almost 8 weeks and cried every time we put her in the kennel, would sleep, then wake every two hours and immediately start crying. First night with Snuggle Puppy and she went in, sniffed him, laid down, and slept for NINE hours without a single whimper!!”

Jordan Brown

“This is the best investment for puppies or dogs with separation anxiety. Our pup is a very vocal pup and I have to say when she goes in her crate at night with snuggle pup we don’t hear a peep from her until we get her in the morning! It really does work and worth every penny!”

Ted Baker

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